Tales of Werewolf Cheeseburgers

“But overall, the songs are more what you would hear in a movie like Lord of the Rings or perhaps an anime film. Epic, electronic or orchestral pieces of ambient goodness. . . . He’s a master of spacial manipulation. Some songs, like “The longest shortest time of my life,” (a great description of being a parent,) are just super fun. Something that might soundtrack a racing video game, perhaps, with its keyboard that buzzes like a motor and its cheesy, midi drums.”

"Wow. Not only is the music great (reminds me of Hammock, one of my fave bands) but "carefully arranged rocks that appear to be for a demonic intent" is quite possibly the greatest song name in the history of great song names!

Released January 1, 2021

Tales of Werewolf Cheeseburgers was created by dAVE Inden as attks th drknss. The entire record was made in Seattle, WA, USA. This record marks a return to creating music for dAVE after being away from it for 12 years. Attks th drknss is a new version of a previous experimental electronic music project that dAVE released multiple records under. Using a mixture of software, hardware, and samples of the environment around them dAVE has created five new songs spanning from ambient orchestral sounds to sad dance music backed by the sound of a train passing slowed down. The sound is something similar to Dan Deacon or Oneohtrix Point Never.

These five songs are inspired by dAVE's journey into becoming a parent. As a parent dAVE has learned a lot about themself and much of how he sees the world has changed. dAVE has a new appreciation for small moments that seem inconsequential at the time, but can be profoundly impactful if you can just be in that moment. Spending time with their daughter is some of the most important time in his life and he has learned to cherish it as these moments don’t happen again.

As a parent dAVE has also learned how easy it is to get caught up in getting things done that need to be done and to not make time for oneself to learn and grow as a person. These songs are about that balance of being a parent and also still being an individual. Doing things on their own and cultivating dAVE's sense of self is key to being the best parent they can be.

That is why these songs are the way they are. Like when one is a parent and you only have 30 minutes to get something done dAVE sat down and made these recordings. Generative sound devices randomly create notes and sounds that are processed through effects with all of the patterns controlled by dAVE. Each one is a moment in time. dAVE has played them and recorded the performance. There is no editing of the recording. Only mastering was done afterwards. dAVE also didn’t attempt to remember how they made it all happen, so there is no way for dAVE to play these songs the exact same way again. If he were to do it over again the songs would be different.

dAVE hopes you enjoy these songs and take the chance to actively listen to them. Stop whatever else you are doing, put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes if you feel like it, and listen to the recordings of something that can never happen again in the exact same way.