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Hello there! An Introduction…

Hello! I’m dAVE and I make music under the name attks th drknss. This is my new tiny corner of the internet to share my creative works. Everything I make is usually in the realm of experimental music and sound art. For the most part I’ve been making music solo since 2004. There were some years in there where I wasn’t creating music, but more on that in a future post. Recently I have moved my website here and have set up this blog. My plan is to use this space to show behind the scenes looks at my process, share works in progress, and to share videos of performances or more “music video” types. I want to share as much information about what I do with whoever is interested. Whether it is for folks who like to experience experimental art or for fellow creatives my goal is to share as much information as possible to make it all more accessible for anyone interested. I don’t need to have secrets about my process and methods.

Using this blog and website I want to host all of my creative output in a single place that I have control over. I’ve used a variety of places to share my music from MySpace to SoundCloud and a bunch of others and now I want to try and keep my music out of the hands of algorithmic overlords and instead connect more directly with people who are interested in the kind of stuff I make. On this website you will find pages for my music releases as well as more information about me as an artist. Over time as projects go I will expand this website to include things like code or other non-traditional methods of making music. A lot of stuff will be shared in blog posts, but as my projects get more formalized releases there will likely be pages dedicated to them.

For my music itself I have a subdomain set up where I am using Faircamp to provide a way to stream and freely download all of my releases. There is no paywall for listening or downloading as much as you want. All of the releases can be downloaded in a variety of formats in FLAC, WAV, and MP3. This specific site will be the main home of all of my releases going forward. I’m not taking anything down where it is currently published, but I don’t have any plans to publish new works anywhere else. Everything there is provided using a Creative Commons license, specifically CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. If you are someone who has supported me on Bandcamp (Thank you!) or you are just interested in checking out my stuff you are welcome to download all of my music from here:

Finding the Fediverse is a big inspiration for taking all of this on to self-host all of my creative output. Using Mastodon I have found a fun and supportive environment for creating art and I want to connect more with it and the people there and within the rest of the Fediverse. There is also lots of resources available for learning more about self-hosting projects like this website and my music site and whatever else. I have technical experience with stuff like this from my work life, so I’m not completely new to it, but I am still learning a whole lot. This website and the blog are hooked up with ActivityPub to make sharing everything I do here on the Fediverse pretty easy, I hope. You can follow the blog directly from Mastodon or from wherever you are connecting with the Fediverse.

So, here’s to making music and shouting it out into the internet to see who responds. It should be fun. If you have gotten this far, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment with how you found this site or my work or just say hello and let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in this blog. Thank you!


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