Bear wearing a black t-shirt and a gas mask in front of an explosion and the Windows blue screen of death with small cartoon heads along the bottom that makes you feel like something is wrong.

attks th drknss is an experimental music project by dAVE Inden. Based in Seattle, WA, USA dAVE attempts to create electronic music and sound experiences that are fun and thought provoking or maybe slightly confusing. Sometimes it’s experimental and harsh. Sometimes it is danceable. Most often it is something that only dAVE thinks is good.

Using a mixture of software, hardware, and sampled sounds of the environment around him dAVE creates music and sound art that encourages active listening and to stop trying to do seven things at once and to just fucking enjoy something.

Originally started in 2004 under the name Artaxerxes as part of learning more about music production and recording, dAVE began making music as a means of self-expression (also working solo was a lot easier than being in a band at the time) and putting the tracks on MySpace pretending to be a disembodied head of the former theremin player for Steve Miller Band. Eventually dAVE decided to put out music as themselves and changed the name of the project to Attacks the Darkness, taking inspiration from the Dungeons & Dragons sketch from Dead Alewives.

From 2004 – 2008 dAVE put out several songs, a couple of EPs, and eventually a full length album titled I Am the Gatekeeper while writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering everything for each release.
After falling out of the music making process for 12 years dAVE began working on music again in 2020 and released a five track record at the start of 2021 titled Tales of Werewolf Cheeseburgers that takes inspiration from the process of becoming and being a parent.

Using their life as a father along with other experiences as inspiration dAVE is working on new music and sound art pieces regularly with lots of fun plans for future releases.