I Am the Gatekeeper

I Am the Gatekeeper Cover Art
  • Written, recorded, and produced by dAVE Inden (attks th drknss)
  • Mixed and Mastered by dAVE Inden (attks th drknss)

Released February 1, 2008

dAVE’s first full length album. Originally released in 2008 when they were still using the name “attacks the darkness” for this project. This record was the culmination of a very creative period for dAVE musically. It was also the release dAVE put the most work into at that point when it came to writing, recording, mixing and mastering. dAVE was very meticulous about every detail.

This was also dAVE’s biggest release process to date as it was the first record dAVE put out on iTunes. He even sold a couple copies.

The crowning achievement for dAVE was when someone in Europe, possibly The Netherlands maybe, messaged dAVE on MySpace to tell him they and their friends took psychedelic drugs and listened to dAVE’s album and they all had a great time and they just wanted him to know that.