Can somebody help me get down off this unicorn?

Can somebody help me get down off this unicorn? Cover Art

“We are certainly processing the music with our brains, but like unicorns, like children, there is something playful and otherworldly about the music and the process, that engages the heart and soul. The first track, sixteen whopping minutes, which sounds like creaking metal ghosts, is something that could soundtrack a gothic black and white cartoon. There are two elements to the track: a busy choir of squeaks, and then a saw like lead, as if some sort of creatures (not bad, not good) are singing to each other, while they go about their adventures.” Prism Reviews (Greg Walker) Full Review

Written, recorded, and produced by dAVE Inden (attks th drknss)

Mixed and Mastered by dAVE Inden (attks th drknss)

Released June 20, 2022

Written and recorded in one afternoon on Father’s Day June 19th, 2022.

Two improvised tracks created using a kalimba and a banana shaker run through a reverb and a bunch of other effects to generally mangle the sound.

The results were then slowed down. In the case of track 1, I’m reading it in my brain, only slightly and track 2, I’m all out of tired, quite significantly.

These two songs were created as part of dAVE challenging themself as a sound artist to actually make something and put it out without getting too caught up in the details.

The name of the record and tracks are all inspired by things his daughter has said. Each of them is a direct quote. It is a reminder to slow down and enjoy things purposefully.