attacks the darkness

attacks the darkness cover art

Written, recorded, produced, performed, and mastered by dAVE Inden (attks th drknss)

Released December 13, 2011

The early solo music releases by dAVE were all done on MySpace and prior to having most of the vowels removed the name was attacks the darkness. This is a collection of those songs that were originally released over a period of a few years before MySpace fell into internet obscurity.

The first track, If I killed Euclid, is the first solo song dAVE ever released out into the world. From what dAVE remembers the track order roughly follows the chronological order of the release for each song.

The fifth track, Everybody, is dAVE’s first and only attempt at a remix by turning the Backstreet Boys song into something else. The approach taken with this remix inspired a live performance dAVE did years later using original music and vinyl records.